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Privacy Statement

Personal Information

Your personal privacy is highly important to InstantDVD. While browsing our site ( you will remain anonymous in general. However, if you choose to take advantage of our online services that require specific information such as your name, address, your credit/debit card information, your information will be stored in order for you to continue to use our services.

All personal information is secure within our database. InstantDVD will be the only company that has access to any of your personal information that you provide us through use of our services.

InstantDVD always uses security technology such as encryption for the transmission of credit/debit card numbers during transactions. The transmission and storage procedures will always follow industry regulations and will be routinely updated as available. InstantDVD fully recognizes your need for security.

Personal identifying information is not shared nor sold to third parties. We do use a national clearinghouse to transact your movie rentals as initiated by you and your information will be cleared during that transaction. InstantDVD may use the information we collect from our customers to determine correct stocking levels of specific genres and offer promotions based upon past history of the kiosk.

Notifications by Email

InstantDVD will email you information regarding upcoming new releases or other titles that may be of interest to you. We will also email you promotions that will offer savings on movie rentals. You can always send an email to to request that your email address be removed from the notification/promotional list.

Internet Partnerships

InstantDVD has the option of placing links to partnering websites on its website. Your personal information will be protected as described above and we will not transmit it to any partnering websites. InstantDVD is not responsible for the privacy practices of any partnering website nor its content.


“Cookies” are personalization technology that allows a website to track when a user enters a website, leaves the website, and the returns to the website. The cookie leaves a file on your computer harddrive that allows the website to identify your browsing software upon your return.

InstantDVD does employ this technology in order to allow you to use our site quickly and efficiently. It also allows us to customize our offerings to all of the customers at the kiosk in your area.

New/Upcoming Releases