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About InstantDVD

InstantDVD is a subsidiary of an entertainment corporation. Each member of our staff has been in the DVD/Entertainment industry for at least 10 years and in some cases 20. We have the knowledge and expertise that guarantees your satisfaction in your home entertainment

We have established relationships that allow us to provide you with New Release DVDs on their release date. Many of the other providers in this industry cannot provide you with that commitment but we can!

Because we can do what many others cannot our company is continuing to grow and expand our product offerings in order to provide you with the easiest and quickest way for your home entertainment needs.

What you can expect.

1. New Release Selection: The majority of our title selection will be the most recently released, most successful movies that you want to see or want to see again.

2. Weekly Additions: Studios schedule all new release movies to be available every Tuesday and that is exactly what we offer to you as well. Others can´t; we can.

3. Quick and Efficient: On average it should take you no longer than 3 minutes to start and finish the renting process. Even if you need to browse the selections! Returning a movie is even faster — not minutes, but seconds!

If you can use an ATM you can use our Kiosk. You can browse our on-screen selections just as easily as you have navigated the on-screen menu of an ATM. Each of our movies is categorized as New Release, Action, Comedy, Drama, or title, etc,. Each movie has a description of what the movie is about, the movie rating, stars, and has the same boxart on-screen as the movie itself in order to help you find exactly which movie you desire.

To RENT a movie, select the title you want, touch the RENT button, swipe your credit/debit card just as you would in any other card device, and in seconds your DVD is dispensed.

Transactions are quick and secure!

To RETURN your DVD, simply insert your movie into the same dispensing slot the movie was dispensed to you. The kiosk will scan the DVD´s RFID/Security module and return it back into the kiosk — that´s it! Returning a DVD takes only seconds and leaves you plenty of time to rent another.

Look over our offerings online or go see one of our kiosks in person at a location near you. We believe you will be impressed by the technology and the title selection.

• All you need to rent is a major credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)

• No Membership Card or Fees (Membership plans are available)

• New Releases every week (every Tuesday in most cases)

• Kiosks are available to rent 24/7 as long as the location is open for business

New/Upcoming Releases